mardi 29 avril 2008

Le 29 Avril

Just several words.
I slept two hours last night.I left at 4.30 AM and arrived in Prag at 8 PM.So lt¨s because of the rain from Zurick to the Czech republic.
Seulement quelques mots.
J¨ai dormi deux heures la nuit derniere.Je suis partie a 4.30 et suis arrivee a Prague a 8 heures.A cause de la pluie terrible de Zurick a la republique tcheque.
I have plenty of things to say but I can¨t connect in my room and I write on a strange czech keyboard and it s really too hard.
J ai plein de choses a dire mais ne pouvant me connecter dans ma chambre j utilise l ordinateur de l hotel avec un clavier tcheque.C est trop long et trop dur.

Demain matin direction la Pologne.Impossible de savoir ou je serai demain soir vu l etat des routes en Pologne.
To morrow Ill go to Poland but I don t know where I ll be to morrow night according to the roads conditions there.
Je revis.

lundi 14 avril 2008


I don't write a lot about Vishki,this former shtetl in Latvia where I'll spend about one week before Russia.Everything concerning Viski is on my site
The video below was made by Bruce from a film,that I made in Vishki in 1994.
The Vishki shtetl site

I'll sleep in Janis Kudins guest house "Priedes" ("Pine-trees")
Skolas iela 13B.Spogu ciem.

vendredi 11 avril 2008


I definitly decided to go to Sochi at the end of my trip in Russia.I didn't want to go because of the crowds of the new, rich Russians and all the concrete blocks which grow on the shore of the black sea.

But I think it's very worth it at least because of its location with the Caucasus Mountains behind it .(Sochi will be the host city of the 2014 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games)

I had been told that the hotels there are very expensive but I found one on the net and it's really cheap.

18 days remain until I leave and now time drags on and goes slow.As Willie says "I can't wait..."

Hotel Primorskaya a Sotchi
Гостиница Приморская.Сочи
Rooms from 880 r to 1520 r(23 to 40€)