mardi 6 mai 2008

May6.Day 5

This is the former pharmacy in Vishki.It was on Aglona st on the right side when you come from Spogi.
C'est l'ancienne pharmacy a Vishki sur la rue Aglona coté droit quand on arrive de Spogi.
This stove is inside this abandoned house and concerning stoves my friend Natalia from Orenburg(Russia)wrote "we had the same stove one under socialism in our bathroon when we had to boil some water and take a bath, it called "titan. we burned there small pieces of wod, old newspappers and magazines."

The house of The Bor Jewish family is situated behind the pharmacy

On Aglonas st when you come from Spogi all the houses on the left have a have an odd number

Aglona st which was,I think,Peterburg st during Czarist regime was named Komsomolskaya st during the soviets.

At 11AM I have an appointment with Ilza Petrovna Borkevich who lives on Aglonas st in a former house of Moll.The house ,she said,is 120 years old and she has been owning it since 1944.I'll try to buy her "fire book".

Ilza Petrovna's house

At 3PM I'll meet with Galia Koltun whose maiden name was Yoffe.Her grand mother and ancestors lived in Vishki.Nachman Usdin ,my Great Grandfather's brother remarried with her Grand mother Gita Yoffe after Sora-Piesha Moshevna Usdina(Nachman's first wife)'s death in 1900.
Gita Usdin was killed by the nazis in 1941.Their son Izrael Usdin was killed in Germany during the war in 1944.Their descendants live in Israel.
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This morning after having driven in Vishki and trying to draw a map of the village I drove out of the village on the way to Kraslava and I saw a house on the right side far away on a hill in Moskovskaya village(it's not really a village as there are only several house.
In this house
a woman Tamara who was a friend of Jula Dumesch(yes,yes Bruce ...and to morrow Jula and I will go to them)and her mother live.It's a beautiful place,remote but beautiful.
They live as we lived many many years ago.

Preparing potatoes for the cow,the veal and the pork

What a contrast with the hotel Latgale in Daugavpils where I drunk a coffee before I met with Galia and Boria Koltun.
They invited me to a restaurant(шикарный ресторан)

Then we drove to the Dvinsk Krepost and to The pogulanski forest where the nazis murdered thousands of Jews in 1941.

"At the end of june 1941,Vishki was captured by the germans.On the night of july 28,the local Jews were banished to the ghetto of Dvinsk.On the road,they were joined by streams of Jews from other municipalities who were transported there.As soon as they passed by the Agloneh monastery,the Jews were shot by Latvians who gathered on both sides of the road,thus extracting from them some victims.After a stay of a number of days in the crowded Dvinsk ghetto,the Vishki Jews were told,as were all the Jews who had arrived from the surrounding villages,that they were about to be transferred,as it were,to another ghetto.They were taken to the adjacent Pogulanski Forest and murdered with guns,as part of the terrifying slaughter known in the Dvinsk ghetto as the "provincial action".Among the victims was the last rabbi of Vishki,Rabbi Yaakov Meir Pulchinski.The two USDIN brothers from Vishki who worked in a peat mining camp adjacent to Eizpoteh escaped from there.Together with two other Jews they hid for a long period of time in the ruins of an ancient fortress in the area.In the year 1944,the four were discovered and murdered."
Gita Usdin,Galia's Grandmother and my Great Grand aunt wasn't killed in Vishki but I
in a gaz truck.