dimanche 24 février 2008

Staraya Roussa.Старая Русса.Darovoe.Даровое

An unforgivable forgetting again...
The village of Darovoe,that Dostoievski's father bought in 1831. A year later he bought the hamlet of Cheremoshna."For four months every year, Dostoevsky would go with his mother and brother to the country - a journey that liberated him from the moods of his father. In Darovoe, Dostoevsky experienced what he would later call "a happy and placid childhood."
Darovoe is situated 160 kms south of Moscow and 80 kms from Riazan in Zaraiski district,province of Moscow.(from Zaraysk to Monogarovo (destination Zhuravna or Serebryanye Prudy)

Музей находится в селении Даровое, которое было приобретено отцом Ф.М.Достоевского для летнего отдыха семьи. Даровое - живописный уголок Подмосковья. Рядом с музеем небольшой лесной массив, который в память о писателе до наших дней называют "Фединой рощей". Экспозиция расположена в деревянном флигеле, принадлежавшем когда-то Достоевским.
The house is a museum now and I don't want to miss it and shall not miss it. http://www.museum.ru/M2193(in Russian)

Музей Достоевского

Now,I don't know how many times I'll change my itinerary.....

Dostoievski by Vassily Perov(1834/1882)

And Starya Russa at the begining of my trip.Dostoievski wrote there "Brothers Karamazov".The village is situated near Novgorod.It will be my first step in Russia.

Dostoievski's house in Staraya Russa