dimanche 16 décembre 2007

First step.Premiere etape

My first step in Russia will be Pskov,situated about 200 kms from the Latvian/Russian border.I found an hotel,50 kms east of Pskov,on the net.It seems to be a nice place to stay and visit all the monasteries around.

My first goal in this travel is Latvia and particularly Vishki,a former shtetl north of Daugavpils where my ancestors lived.I'll stay there about 5 days and shall sleep at the "hotel"of the mayor in Vishki.8€/night.
My site

J'essaierai d'écrire ce blog en français(principalement pour mon oncle,qui je l'espere me suivra dans mon voyage)et en anglais pour mes amis de l'autre coté de l'Atlantique.

I'll try to write this blog either in french(especially for my uncle) and in english for my American friends.

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