samedi 3 mai 2008

Vishki.Deuxieme jour.Second day.Suite

I talked with quite a lot of people today.When I say my name they say"A Jewish name.There were a lot of Jews here but they were all killed".All the people I talked with are russian.By the way I don't know if there is one Latvian in Vishki!Even in the supermarket,which is in Spogi and where I bought kwass you hear only russian.They remember the Pogil,Bor and Dumesch families(you're lucky Bruce).To morrow I'll meet a guy who has a good friend named Pogil and who emigrated to the USA fifteen years ago.May be we are related.My Great Grandmother's sister's daughter married a Pogil.
I took quite a lot a photos again .

The former schhol of Vishki(already existed in 1950)

To see the photos click here
Pour voir les photos cliquez ici

I saw the basement of the synagogue.Seems that the column which was still there in the 60 ies felt down and is still at the place.

The steps of the synagogue

In an
abandoned old house in ruins I have been followed by a guy who wanted to marry me!

Handsome guy,isn't he?

I drove to the
Memorial Stone to the Jewish Holocaust Victims.It's a very small one but it's better than nothing.The Jews of Vishki and Dagda were shot here on the way to Daugavpils.

I had lunch at The motelis Garden on the road to Daugavpils.(Помнишь Брюс?Очень хорошая кухня)Tres bonne cuisine.

Roasted pork with pineapple for 3.70 lats

This evening I drove to the Jewish cemetery again and took black and white pics that I'll put on line.

Tombstones of the cemetery of Vishki
(black and white)
Pierres tombales du cimetiere de Vishki(noir et blanc)

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Bruce a dit…
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Bruce a dit…

Больше прекрасные фотографии!

Я думаю, что люди в Вишки помнят фамилию "Думеш", потому что моя двоюродная сестра Таня Думеш жила в Вишки, до она умера в 1989 году. Если я бы знал о ней тогда! Какие рассказы она могла сказали нам.

Мы с Деброй ели в другой ресторане, примерно 1 или 2 километр юг. Но конечно, я помню этот ресторан и отель.

Когда я был Вишки, трава окола синагога был Более высокий, и труднее видеть лестница. Это очень интересно, что колонна ещё там.

Если ты хочешь видеть могила мой прадед, я могу объяснять, как найти её. Но я наверно буду объяснять на английском языке. :)

Мне очень нравится твой блог! Я желаю, что мы с Деброй тоже там. Конечно, в этом случае я вероятно бы писать мой собственно блог! :)


Nico a dit…

Bonsoir Christine,
je vois que tu n'as pas eu le temps de t'ennuyer depuis ton arrivée à Viski.J'imagine l'émotion que tu dois resentir en marchant sur les pas de tes ancêtres.
A très bientôt sur MSN

Уздин a dit…

Privet Bruce,
Yes,that's why they remember.They also remember the Pogil and Bor families because some of them still lived in Vishki after the war.
Try to explain where your Great Grand father's tombstone is.I don't know if I took a pic of it...It's so difficult and I don't have my laptop in the cemetery to look at the photo!
Send me the pic where you are near the grave.
I know the restaurant you told me about.I had a coffee there yersterday and shall have diner someday.Food at the other restaurant is very very good and not expensive comparing to France.As a friend of mine said "what a contrast between the Motel and the houses of Vishki"but to tell you the truth I prefer Vishki.A shave there is no more Jewish tavern.....
Thanks Bruce for writing.Say hi to D and Ana.

Уздин a dit…

Bruce,I forgot to tell you ,that my fiancé told me he was in school with Liouda Dumesh and he was born in 1946.